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Welcome to All From Lincoln Hills Community Church!!

Dear Church Family,
I am writing to you about a change in our plans for the Advent Season.  Originally we had hoped to move to Sunday mornings.  However, with the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases in our region, we have had to cancel those plans.  As of today, Placer County is now in the Purple Zone.  That means we cannot have any groups meeting inside—only essential personnel.  Be assured, we will continue taping our services on Saturday mornings and having them available on YouTube late Saturday afternoon.  Our staff will be available in our office at our regular hours.  I want to stress to everyone, our primary goal in these changes is your protection and health.  Please know that Pastor Jody and I and all of our Elders continue to bring all of you before the throne of grace.  



Our Ushers will encourage you to fill the seats from front to back, to minimize exposure. We need your cooperation in this action.When we exit you will be encouraged to leave from back to front.

Bulletins will be available at the sanctuary door for you to pick up. If you take one, take it home; please do not leave it in the sanctuary.

During the service we will have music; however Health Standards require that the congregation not sing.

Entry will be thru one front door only. You may exit any door but only the front doors will be unlocked for entry. We are asking that you enter and go directly to your seats, no social time in the Foyer. There will be no social time in the foyer after the services.

We request that you wear face masks to adhere to Health Department Standards and as a courtesy to your fellow church members.

 There will be limited access for both ladies and men’s restrooms, maximum of two individuals at a time in the restroom.

 The 10 AM service will be video recorded for posting on YouTube. Therefore there will be no entry to the sanctuary after the service starts; if you are late you will be seated on the outside patio and able to watch the service on a monitor.

Lots of changes, we are sorry about that. This Virus has changed our world for some time it seems. The one thing that has not changed is our God, he still is in control.

All the changes are intended to protect your health. The great Joy is that we will be able to be together again. The Pastors and Elders look forward to seeing you again in person.