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Our mission is to share the love of God with our community in such a way that men and women will want to become followers of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to develop such a distinctive lifestyle of joyous faith in Christ that throughout the community of Lincoln we are known as a fellowship of people in which a person can find and experience the presence of God.”


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  1. Ted & Jeannie White

    We wanted to tell you , Pastor Mike, we love your sermons as you follow Scripture, have only been to LHCC twice due to the Pandemic but when its over will be attending, we were supposed to go to a class with the Beals to learm more about your church and hope you still have us on your list. When we did visit , were very happy with the attitude of everyone, the elders were so nice and courteous also, and was nice to see the elders taking part in the service, Be anxious to return!!
    Ted & Jeannie

  2. rmontoya

    I sent your message to Pastor Mike.

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