Pastor’s Corner

APRIL 2018

DISNEYLAND OR THE PROMISED LAND? Twenty-five years ago a cartoon appeared in the LA TIMES MAGAZINE, showing Lazarus having just been raised from the dead by Jesus (John 11:43,44).  The caption underneath had someone shouting, “Where will you go now…
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MARCH 2018

Be Aware the Meaning of March  March is an interesting month.  Did you know that before 150 BC, the Roman calendar only had ten months?  December, the tenth month, was so named because it was the tenth (deca) month.  Likewise,…
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THINKING ABOUT FEBRUARY  February…Month of Super Bowl, Valentine Day and this year—the Olympics.  When I think about those things, I can’t help but see analogies with my Christian life.  Take for instance, the Super Bowl—the NFL’s ultimate contest.  It reminds…
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