Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests: July ~ August 2017

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Alan and Jan Scholes—Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) (Global)

  • Praise:
    • That Alan completed teaching the Introduction to Christian Theology graduate course to 200, mostly new Cru staff gathered in Fort Collins, Colorado. Sometime in July, he will likely get the results from the student evaluations, and find out how they responded to the new classroom activities he introduced this summer. This marks the 42nd consecutive year Alan has taught this course for Cru.
    • That Jan, daughter Rebecca, and three grandchildren arrived home safely from their two-week road trip to attend and family wedding in California. Sadly, 11-year-old Rose caught a nasty stomach flu from some cousins at the wedding, and they cut short their return trip, missing both the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde.
  • Prayer:
    • For the success of the semi-annual all-Cru Staff Conference that Alan is attending in July. Please pray that it will be a wonderful, refreshing time as Alan meets with many of his International School Project colleagues from around the USA.
    • For Alan and Jan as they both desire to get back into serious exercise, particularly cycling, in August. Please pray both the weather and their endurance will cooperate!



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Community Christian School, Lincoln, CA (USA)

  • Praise:
    • That we have our highest enrollment going into the new school year in at least 4 years
    • That there were 10 students in our lower grades who chose to trust Jesus and invite Him into their hearts! 
    • Prayer:
      • That God will guide us through the hiring of two teachers.
      • That God will help us with all the details of the move and facility improvements in order to be ready for the start of school on August 28.


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Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

  • Praise:
    • For the short-term team from Action Canada (Spruce Grove, Alberta). They faithfully served the Shalom Mission Cambodia churches—praise God!
    • For Ryan (MDiv &ThM from The Master’s Seminary) and Rebekah Quay who have been accepted as career missionaries and are preparing for long-term service in Cambodia.
  • Prayer:
    • For the Lopez and Wells family as they are on furlough in the United States.

For Cambodian missionaries to be sent to reach the nine million ethnic Khmer in Vietnam




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Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)

  • Praise:
    • For the joy of continuing to reach out and teach God’s word inside the California State Capitol.
    • That the teaching of God’s word is bearing fruit and a number of leaders are growing in the Lord.
    • That a U.S. Congressman asked me to baptize him.
    • For the opportunity I had to share about the ministry at a pastors conference in Southern California.
    • That our son and daughter are both home from college this summer.
  • Prayers:
    • For God to guide me as I continue to reach out to legislators and staff and lobbyists in the California State Capitol.
        • For two legislators who asked me to meet with them privately to teach them what the Bible says related to a controversial legislative issue.
        • For a young lobbyist who has started to regularly attend our weekly Bible Study and is growing quickly in the Lord.
        • For two influential legislators who have stopped attending the Bible Studies and are turning away from God.
        • For God’s guidance as I deal with repairing costly damage in our home due to a water leak.
        • For rich family interactions this summer since this will probably be the last time that both our children are living at home with us.
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Grace Moses—Sangita Charitable Trust (India)

  • Praise:
    • That the expansion of our widows’ ministry has enabled many more widows to hear the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.
    • That the women’s empowerment ministry has brought about a transformation and Christian influence in the communities we serve!
  • Prayer:
    • For strength and guidance as the government is trying all possible ways—especially in children’s homes and schools—to take away our ministries as well as any mention of Jesus.
    • For God’s providence as we are growing to meet all the needs for our school and women’s ministries.
    • For our health, as our staff and volunteers are overworked, and our bodies are physically drained. Pray that God will renew our strength, as we have made a commitment to Christ that we will serve Him till our last drop of energy is gone.





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Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

  • Praise:
    • To God for being faithful to me, my family and my ministry. He has always met us at the point of need.
    • For my last successful trip to the USA, where I went to attend the Reach Gathering sports conference.
  • Prayers:
    • For God’s protection and favor as I travel to Botswana for a week to hold sports seminars with the churches. While I am there, I also will establish our YOLEDS sports school and recruit students for our upcoming program. I will be travelling with some volunteers, by road. It is going to be a two-day journey.
    • For God’s will as our church votes in the new church building project committee. This is the committee who run all the affairs concerning the church building. Pray for their commitment and accountability to God as they perform their duties of fundraising funds for the church building.
    • For Malawi and its economy, which is not doing well. We still believe in God’s power for a miracle of turning the economy around.
    • To continue opening opportunities to share the gospel through the sports ministry. We intend to start doing stadium sports evangelism when our soccer teams are playing their league games. In order to do this, we have applied to the Football Association Of Malawi, and we are just waiting for a representative.

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Jay and Karen—New Missions Systems International/The Crossing Missions (Asia)

  • Praise:
    • For the generous response to our recent appeal which enabled us to receive the NMSI interns this summer and meet some critical immediate needs.
    • o   For the successful gathering June 17-18 with the workers from one of the Psalm 67 (PS67) Leadership Teams. The 15 workers spent the night as they shared their testimonies, learned new ideas for forming small groups, went out to practice new principles with locals, and had fun sharing life with each other.  Jay and two other teammates led sessions. Praise God for these workers that are reaching out to the world around them!

      o   For the continued growth with the DBS (Discovery Bible Study) Karen is doing with the woman we’ll call Elise. Elise loves the weekly stories so much that she is sharing it with her children and husband! Now, Elise’s daughter is memorizing the stories and seems to be sharing with her friends. Another woman has also joined our DBS, loves the Old Testament stories and is sharing them with her family. Praise God for the desire these ladies have to read together, and their efforts to share these stories with those they love! 

       For the three NMSI interns here, who have been able to learn about the DBS model. They’ve joined us as we met with our Muslim friends over the Idul Fitri holiday, encouraged local workers, and were introduced to fasting. They have been an encouragement to us while Jay has taught them many principles for future life and ministry. What a joy to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders.

  • Prayer:
    • For our family as we make a transition back to the USA. With the recent financial shortfalls, we unfortunately can’t commit to renew our house rental contract or our visas this fall, nor do we have enough ongoing monthly support to continue in Asia. We clearly are at a turning point in our ministry with this situation, and after much prayer, counsel and thought, we have decided to relocate in the USA to continue our church multiplication ministry.
    • For safety during our return to the USA. On August 1st, we plan to return to California to begin a much-needed furlough in order to report to our partners and increase our support base. We have much to share about our Disciple Making Movement (DMM)/Church Planting Movement (CPM) efforts and the team of in-country supporters that God has raised up for this work. So much progress has been seen over these past several years, and it’s been such a privilege to be used by God through DMM and church multiplication.  We want to say “Bless you” for your part in helping us build and expand God’s Kingdom in Indonesia.
    • For wisdom and guidance as we plan for the future. Working with our regional director and NMSI, we are developing a six-month plan that will give us a few weeks of much needed rest and time with our families upon our return. Our youngest son, Caleb, is getting married in September, so we are excited to be able to be with him for this important life event. Then we will begin our reporting and fundraising to continue our efforts in DMM/CPM globally. Part of our time will be spent at the CGO (Center for Global Outreach) in Florida while we’ll also travel to California, Michigan, and Tennessee where our support base is the strongest.

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Kennedy Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

  • Praise:
    • For the completion of our sports ministry’s Discipleship Room, through the generous support of LHCC congregants. We pray that the Lord will continue showering them with His blessings.
    • For a very successful mission trip to Zanzibar, where I was able to connect with coaches who are doing ministry through sports there. We did an outreach tournament where more than 300 youths (mostly Muslims) were in attendance.
  • Prayers
    • For my wife, Emily. Pray for healing, as she has been ill for the past month.
    • For the success of our October sports ministry workers’ national conference.
    • For peaceful elections in Kenya in August.



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Paul MosesIndia Sports Ministry (India)

  • Prayer:
    • For the success of an important upcoming planning meeting of Christian Sports Fellowship as we budget and plan for the next six months.
    • For the success of the upcoming Trainer of Trainers for 50 leaders from all over India to serve the many trainings planned for the rest of the year. I will be the lead facilitator for this important training, as trainers from all over India gather to become trainers in the coming years.










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Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

  • Praise:
    • For opportunities for our mission, as many Muslims are moving from the northern part of Nigeria to the predominantly “Christian South,” some as refugees from Boko Haram, some for economic opportunities, and others as “missionaries” for Islam (heavily funded by rich Muslims). Thank God for a Nigerian Christian missionary who is writing a book called Scattered to be Gathered, a book encouraging Christians to share love and the Gospel with the Muslims who come to live among them.  Thank God for the opportunity Ruth has to help edit this book—and pray for wisdom!
    • For a successful conference that the IMANI Christians had at the beginning of Ramadan to strengthen each other in the Way of Jesus the Messiah. Give thanks for the encouragement and wisdom of the Holy Spirit as they continue to welcome Muslims who are turning to Christ into their communities of faith.
  • Prayer:
    • In the May/June Praises and Prayers, I spoke about Dr. Kumtar’s need for protection as he took his family back to Sudan for a visit to their home country. When Dr. Kumtar and his family were in Sudan, however, Dr. Kumtar was martyred. His wife Princess and their two children went into hiding until we could help them get back to join the IMANI Christians. Now Princess has joined Neza in that housing complex for widows and orphans. Her children have joined the Christian primary school there. Give thanks and pray for Princess’ growth in the Lord and in fellowship with other Christians. Pray that in their home country of Sudan Kumtar’s martyrdom may continue to be a witness to lead others to Christ.
    • For Akiza. It seems that multiple head injuries, over a year in dark detention, and a likely stroke, have severely damaged Akiza’s ability to think straight. Keep praying for God to work for good in his life. Keep praying for the spiritual growth and multiplication of the over 300 he led to Christ before the attacks that so debilitated and disoriented him.
    • For healing and restoration of Umaru, the leader of the IMANI Christians, who has bleeding in one eye, probably due to diabetes. Pray for continued wisdom and strength as he works with other IMANI Christians to be a witness for Christ within the Muslim communities they are a part of.

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Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

  • Praise:
    • For a successful time of ministry on the West Coast of America in May. Steve was a part of a tour working with local churches in California, Oregon, and Washington to bring visibility to our mission, Proclaim International, and to encourage churches to be outreach-minded and mission-oriented in their thinking. We worked with many local bodies of Christ who were encouraged and inspired to be bold in their witness to a lost world around them.
    • For an amazing but very busy year in America for our family. We experienced such generosity and gracious acts of service and provision. God provided exactly what we needed to live for the year. It was definitely not a furlough year or a year of rest, but instead a year of working based in the states. We were able to spend significant time with family, friends, churches, and supporters to re-connect and encourage one another. We thank God for this last year and look forward to another time of re-connection in future years.
    • That our daughters Bianca and Sofia have been able to experience summer trips this year. Bianca left early for Germany and has been also spending time in Serbia with a good friend of hers. Sofia has been on a mission trip to Spain, Portugal, and Israel serving as a nanny for a couple who are leading students in international missions for street evangelism and service projects. Our girls have been blessed to experience lots of culture and to be able to travel to different parts of the world. We believe that this has expanded their worldview beyond the borders of America. As always, we believe that they are making an impact for The Kingdom among their peers and those in their circle of influence.
  • Prayers:
    • For our family as we return to our field assignment in Germany in the next couple of weeks. Pray that God would give us wisdom, discernment, strength and endurance as we go through the visa application process and re-orient ourselves to language and culture. Life in an overseas ministry assignment can bring many eternal blessings but can also be very stressful and challenging. Pray for family unity, peace, patience, and focus in God’s Word and our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • For Steve as he is currently in France for an evangelistic tour in an area called the Thau Basin. He is working with small churches there, reaching out to communities to gain visibility and credibility, and of course to boldly share the Gospel. France is one of the most secular cultures on the planet and is increasingly apathetic and antagonistic towards Christianity. Pray for Holy Spirit moments where the eyes of lost people are opened to Jesus!
    • For plans currently underway for a major ministry focus in the Balkan countries. Steve has been traveling to Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Albania to plan for future ministry in these countries. Steve will travel again this fall for meetings with pastors and church planters to strategize and plan for evangelistic campaign in this region of the world.
    • For Dawn and Steve’s mothers, Marilyn and Mary, as we leave again for the our overseas mission assignment. They are elderly and we are increasingly concerned over their health issues. It is difficult to leave them back in America and be apart from them. However, we know we are where God wants us to serve Him in this great Kingdom-building work. Please continue to pray for Steve’s mom’s salvation. She continues to be devout to the Jehovah’s Witness worldview.

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Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)

  • Praise:
    • For the work the Lord is doing in our students’ lives and in their families.
    • For our SVTC Family who stand with us daily in prayer.
  • Prayer:
    • That our Bowling Tournaments in Sacramento and in Redding this July would be a success.
    • For our upcoming Leadership Transition.




 Thamsing and Ring Dilbung—Church Sports International/Sports Resource Center (East India)

  • Praise:
    • That the Church Leaders Workshop on “Servanthood Leadership” was successfully completed in the Chandel district, along the border with Burma, in Manipur state. A total of 37 pastors registered, although the attendees were mostly laymen.
    • That along with two of my boys, I went to Tripura state (surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh) for sports ministry introduction. This presentation was the first time the attendees had heard about sports ministry. We have now planned to hold a two or three-day workshop there (dates to be determined). Tripura state has a 99 percent Hindu population.
    • That Ring and her team of 10 mothers, called the Self-Help Group for Missions, had a successful trip to Arunachal Pradesh state, a Buddhist-dominated tribal state in the far northeast, in the eastern Himalayan foothills. Their mission trip was very successful in the leading of the Holy Spirit. Their goal is not only spiritual warfare, but also making friends for future missions.
  • Prayer:
    • That the church planting ministry in the Karbi Anglong district of the Assam state has not been supported by their Karbi association. In addition, we have not been able to visit them as much as we would like. I have given them encouragement and promised to visit once every two to three months. Pray for their spiritual growth.
    • For Thamsing, who needs wisdom in making the right selections of which Bible Schools to introduce and teach Sports Ministry. Pray also for guidance as he prepares also the lessons and gathers the resources.
    • For the states of Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. The states are separated by many miles, but both states have centuries of strong, non-Christian religious beliefs (Hinduism in Tripura, and Buddhism in Arunachal Pradesh). Pray that we will be able to establish a Sports Ministry in both states by end of 2017.
    • For the success of the three-day Sports Camp in Dimapur for Youth Directors. We expect 25 to 30 leaders to participate.