Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests: July/August 2018

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Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

        • Praise:
        • For glimpses of fruitful lives! Thankful to see the 32 Pastors faithfully shepherding the Shalom Mission Cambodia Churches throughout Cambodia!
        • That ACTION has 265 missionaries worldwide, from 22 different countries, serving among the poor in 32 nations. What a diverse group, committed to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). It is our desire is take the Gospel to hard places, especially among those who live outside the reach of the Gospel.
        • Prayer:For Kamryn as she enters this new stage of life as a college student, specifically as begins studies at The Master’s University in August.
          For Ryan and Rebekah Quey as they prepare for career service with Action Cambodia. They arrive on August 17.
        • For Asian Hope International School as they are still looking for teachers for the 2018-19 year. Pray that God would send those who are willing to use their gifts to serve. What a strategic opportunity to make a Gospel investment!

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  • Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)
        • Praise:
        • That I was honored to officiate at my only daughter’s wedding recently!
        • That I had the pleasure of leading a state leader to Christ and seeing him take very dramatic steps to obey Christ and save his marriage and family.
        • Prayers:
        • For God’s guidance for our state legislators—and for me as I reach out to help them—as August will be an extremely busy month in the Capitol as thousands of bills are voted on by the legislature.
        • For the four state leaders I have led to the Lord this year and am counseling, who are each going through very difficult personal challenges. Praying that God helps each of these men to stay close to Him and guides me in how to best help them.
        • That my daughter Hannah and her new husband Ryan stay close to the Lord and that He guides them and provides for them as they start their new life together. They are both recent college graduates and considering further education, so they have big decisions to make and challenges to face regarding schooling, employment, housing, and finances.



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  • Grace Moses—Sangita Charitable Trust (India)
      • Praise:
      • For our friends at LHCC that uphold us and our ministries in constant prayers. Thank you so much and thank each of you, especially praying for the widows and for us.
      • That, as an answer to our prayers, our daughter Shiny has her marriage date fixed for the day after Christmas. She will be marrying Andrew, a man of God who is heavily involved with community transformation work. Andrew and Shiny will be wonderful in their support for Sangita in the days to come. Please uphold them in your prayers as we make plans for the marriage.
      • Prayer:
      • For the Sangita children, who have had a great school year academically, and have been promoted to higher classes. We praise and thank God as well, that His protection, wisdom, and care be upon each child this academic year.
      • For the widows of our ministry, that God’s special grace be upon them and that each of them, as they struggle emotionally and physically, will be surrounded by God’s grace, protection, and love.
      • That we may be bold enough to share the Gospel, even in the difficult times we are in. 



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Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

    • Praise:
    • For God’s his faithfulness to me and my family.
    • For the successful graduation, held in the month of May, for our sports ministry students.
    • For the successful wedding shower for my daughter.
    • Prayers:
    • For the successful upcoming wedding of my daughter.
    • For the successful evaluation program of the students who graduated last month.
    • For God’s provision of funds to purchase evangelism and discipleship resources.


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Jay and Karen—New Mission Systems International (Transition)

    • Praise:
    • That the recent health concerns with both our mothers have given way to recovery and progress. We praise God that He is always available, His love never ceases, His mercies are never ending (Psalm 103).
    • For how the Lord is using Dynamic Church Planting International around the globe. Church leaders are trained and churches result. In some of the most difficult areas the work grows the fastest. Praise be to God for the growth of His kingdom. The God of the first century Christians is the same yesterday, today and forevermore (Hebrews 13:8). 
    • That we remain encouraged! How can we not be? The end is in sight. Christ will return. His kingdom is victorious. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess (Philippians 2:6-11).
    • Prayer:
    • For our continued efforts to raise the necessary financial support for ministry. A wonderful by-product of our support raising is that more and more people get to hear about what God is up to around the globe. Paul asked for prayer in Colossians 4:3-4: And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. “
    • For a stable housing situation. Currently we have been staying with a wonderful church family. This has been a great gift to us. We’d love to get a two bedroom apartment in the Oceanside area. Please join us in prayer for this process. Luke 10.
    • For the two of us to remain firm, diligent, and steadfast. Colossians 4:12 puts it this way: “Epaphras, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends greetings. He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.”


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Kennedy Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

        • Praise:
        • For the April camp where we were able to reach the kids in schools and in the A good number of them are positively responding to the Gospel, and even coming to church.
        • For the provision of over 10,000 discipleship materials we will use for outreach in the next three months.
        • For the revival we are experiencing in our local church as we serve Him.
        • Prayers
        • That the Holy Spirit will save the unsaved kids as we reach out to them with the Discipleship materials.
        • That the Lord will provide funds that will enable us make over 3,000 balls with our new ball-making machine.
        • For good health upon Emily and me as we serve God’s people.
        • For the success and safety of the Ethiopia, Burundi, and India mission trips that we have planned for this year.


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  • Lincoln Christian Academy (formerly Community Christian School), Lincoln, CA (USA)

        • Praise:
        • That our preschool building sold, and the move to our new home will be complete as of the end of June!
        • That our elementary enrollment has increased and we project between 55-60 students for the 2018-2019 school year!
        • Prayers: 
        • For everything to run smoothly as we are under a very tight timeline to complete the upgrades to the fire system required by the city. We need the installers and city to complete their parts more quickly than scheduled, and we need unusually cool temperatures this summer in order to begin our school year on time.
        • For peace and provision for staff who are affected by the closure of our preschool progam for the remaining weeks of summer.

  • Michael and Irina —Slavic Gospel Association (Eastern Europe)
          • Praise:
          • That we arrived safely, with no complications, and were warmly greeted by local believers.
          • That God has continued to open the door for Gospel ministries in this region.
          • Prayer:
          • For strength and wisdom as we continue the immigration process here.
          • For opportunities to share the Gospel with unbelievers around us.



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  •  Paul MosesIndia Sports Ministry (India)
  • Praise:
    • That our daughter Shiny is engaged to be married in December. We praise God for bringing Andrew into her life. 
    • That our youngest daughter Sarah did very well in her 10th grade exams. 
    • For the fruitful CSF local ministry initiatives and the National Coalition Sports Ministry’s growing work all over India. 
  • Prayer:
    • For the National Sports Ministry Conference in Mumbai in July, and for the expected 175 sports ministry leaders who will attend. 
    • For the six-month planning and strategy meeting of the Christian Sports Fellowship this month.
    • For the financial needs of the Christian Sports Fellowship ministry for the next half-year of programs. 




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Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

    • Praise:
      • For successful seminars in the Gateway City. Pray for the religious clerics, graduates, and women who made courageous decisions to become followers of Jesus. Thank God for a strong local IMANI church helping to make disciples of these new believers.
      • For silver linings. Recently, rain and wind collapsed a wall and blew off part of the roof of the rented quarters for the New Hope Training Center. Thank God that donations given to repair the damage were credited towards next year’s rent.
      • That Neza’s work among widows and orphans due to the Boko Haram crisis continues.
      • For the successful recording of the first three video recordings for Christian Leaders Institute on the topic of spiritual warfare: “Being Spiritual: From Creation, in the Garden of Eden, and Today.”   
    • Prayer:
      • For ongoing wisdom and resources for the Christian lawyer who is defending Akiza in two different courts on the state and federal levels. Pray that God will work in this situation to wither evil and vindicate those telling the truth. Keep praying that God will more and more showcase the work of the Holy Spirit in transforming the life of Akiza, the former terrorist trainer.  Pray that many more from those he once led into terrorism may come to follow Jesus through his witness and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
      • For Neza, as she is still in a program of ongoing therapy. Pray for full restoration of her health.

    Keep praying for God to expedite and provide resources for each step of the registration and construction process for the “permanent site” of the New Hope Training Center. May many more widows and orphans traumatized by Boko Haram violence come to experience the transformative peace of our Lord Jesus.



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Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

        • Praise:
        • For a rare opportunity to have a family vacation in Athens this year. Because of some generous supporters, we are currently spending a week here having fun together, making new memories and enjoying the sun and warm weather! What a huge blessing for us as a family!
        • For a very productive two weeks of travel for Steve recently where he was in Hungary, Serbia, Germany, and Spain.
        • For an amazing group of prayer partners and supporters who have been so faithful in their partnership as we enter our eighth year of full-time, cross-cultural overseas ministry.
        • Prayer:
        • For Steve as he is in the final stages of putting together all the details and logistics for the team he will be leading into Hungary and Serbia, August 10–28. Pray for God’s leading, clear direction and for favor with the municipalities who grant permissions for the public evangelistic outreach we will do among Roma people in these two countries.
        • For details and logistics for a team that Steve leads into Albania in October. 
        • That many people will have their eyes opened and come to saving faith in our Lord Jesus during both of these campaigns.
        • For Dawn as she serves and partners with Greater Europe’s Mission at their family camp in France. She will be serving in the kitchen preparing meals for a group of missionaries’ families needing spiritual and physical refreshment.
        • For our oldest daughter Bianca, as she travels alone to Arkansas in the coming weeks to look at John Brown University as an option for college beginning the fall of 2019. Pray for travel mercies and safety!
        • For a planned visit to Germany by Dawn’s father in July. Their relationship has been strained and we are praying for a breakthrough between him and Dawn (as well as an improvement of his relationship with Bianca and Sofia). Please also pray for his salvation as he does not know the Lord.


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  • Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)

    • Praise:
    • That our students are doing well and growing in the Lord.
    • For a great time of fun and fellowship at our Lincoln Hills Golf Classic on June 1st.
    • Prayers: 
    • For the Lord’s provision for the ministry.
    • For wisdom and guidance for our leadership and board of directors.




Thamsing and Ring Dilbung—Church Sports International/Sports Resource Center (East India)

        • Praise:
        • For the success of the one-day Church Sports seminar, which was organized at Ao Baptist Church Duncan, where as many as 41 church leaders attended the seminar. It was great time as the Lord leads. Praise be to God!
        • For a successful soccer sports camp in Sibsagar, with all the non-Christians working at tea garden. There were more than 1,000 tea workers. Among many others, four of the youths accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! Sanju Talak, 18 years old, and Muna Chor, 19 years old, were also selected for soccer coaching in Bangalore. Praise God!
        • For the success of a sports camp in Moa in Manipur, with 126 youths registered for the three-day camp. 34 of the youths gave their life to Christ on the last day. Many parents came forward to laud the sports ministry!
        • For the success of the Sports Ministry Vision Casting and Introduction to Sports Ministry classes in for different locations (three in Assam state and one in Manipur state)!
        • Prayer:
        • For a girls’ soccer team that needs uniforms, especially the shoes. All are non-Christians, except two of the girls. Please pray for the girls; if God speaks to provide their uniforms, this may encourage them.
        • For those for youths from Sibsagar to grow in Christ, and for their protection.
        • For the success of the Youths’ Spiritual Awakening Camp in Manipur’s Chandel district. 
        • For the success of a second Sports Camp in Sibsagar for 6 days. 
        • For the success of the Vision Casting and Introduction to Sports Ministry classes in any new location where the doors are open!