Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests: September ~ October 2017

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Alan and Jan Scholes—Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) (Global)

  • Praise:
    • That Alan received very positive evaluations from the theology class he taught to 200 Cru staff this summer. The students especially appreciated the new classroom learning activities he introduced this year.
    • That Alan had a wonderful time meeting with his International School Project colleagues in July. The new director of ISP is making some very positive changes in the strategy of ISP, which were encouraging to hear.
    • That Alan and Jan have had many enjoyable days cycling during the warmer weather this summer, riding up to 12 miles several days per week.
  • Prayer:
    • For wisdom and guidance as Alan and the curriculum-writing team of ISP will resume work on completing a new curriculum dealing with the increasing student problem of online addiction. This is an increasing problem in many countries around the world, and most teachers have no idea how to address it. Alan and the team wrote rough drafts of the lessons a couple of years ago, but completion was delayed due to other priorities. Please pray for wisdom, and coordination of the schedules of the other writers, some who are volunteers with other jobs.
    • For healing. In late August, Jan hurt her back while gardening—her SI joint. It’s happened before, but not for several years. Please pray for a quick and full recovery, and that she does not re-injure it as she returns to full activity—including resuming cycling with Alan.


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Community Christian School, Lincoln, CA (USA)

  • Praise:
    • For two new teachers who are excited to join our team—they are a perfect fit for our school.
    • That we sold one modular and have several other people interested in our old one.  Instead of giving it away, we should be able to get about $5,000 for it.
  • Prayer:
    • For success in either selling our preschool location or finding a business to lease it—and the sooner the better, so we aren’t paying for two locations once we have moved.
    • To lift up our staff as we prepare to educate and nurture the students God has brought us. 


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Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

  • Praise:
    • That the orphans at Haley’s House who attend Kurmul International (Christian) School have all graduated from their current grade levels and are looking forward to the next year. Thank you for generously supporting these young people!
    • For the faithful pastors of the 42 Shalom Mission Cambodia Churches. We are grateful and encouraged by the opportunity to invest in their lives.
  • Prayer:
    • For our family as we transition into a new year. Jodi will be serving as a Resource Specialist this year at Logos while Kamryn (Grade 12), CJ (Grade 9) and Drew (Grade 7) are enjoying their respective classes! Remember Mikaela as she forges ahead in Chicago; we’re still learning how to shepherd a young adult from halfway around the world!
    • For Jonathan Vern (an orphan we have invested in for over ten years) as he begins his study at The Master’s University (a Christian college in southern California) this Fall. So thankful for the provision which is allowing him a wonderful education opportunity.


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Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)

  • Praise:
    • That a legislator (who is a frequent participant in our weekly Legislators Bible Studies—and even sponsors our meeting rooms for this purpose!) was just selected as the leader for his party in the California State Assembly. This is an extremely important position, and we can rejoice that a strong believer will be meeting often with the Governor and other senior leaders and could open more doors for our ministry also.
    • That a frequent participant at our Staff Bible Studies was just selected to be the new Chief of the Sergeant at Arms (security force) for the California State Senate. This is a very high profile position. We can praise God for this as Paul did when Caesar’s Imperial Guards were hearing about Christ (Philippians 1:13).
    • That some new participants from high level state leader offices have begun attending our Staff & Lobbyists Bible Studies.
  • Prayers:
    • For God to guide me during the remainder of this year’s legislative session as I continue to teach his Word and reach out in the Capitol.
    • For God to guide me in planning the fall schedule for our ministry in the Capitol.
    • For a high-level government leader with whom I meet weekly to provide pastoral counseling. Praying he will trust fully in Christ and be saved.
    • For Valerie and me as we travel to Colorado in September for four days of meetings with those who serve with Capitol Commission in State Capitols across the United States.
    • For God to watch over and guide our two children as they attend college full-time, our daughter Hannah in Sacramento and our son Lucas down in Southern California.
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Grace Moses—Sangita Charitable Trust (India)

  • Praise:
    • For the love that LHCC has for our ministry, especially for the widows. This ministry to the widows has been very close to our hearts, and we are sure that God is so pleased that He has blessed them and many trust in Jesus.
  • Prayer:
    • To meet special finance needs, as we faced unexpected expenses to put up a few buildings as per new governmental requirements and laws, as well as expenses for the new school year.
    • For God’s favor and grace upon us as sometimes the load is heavy and the physical energy is not adequate.
    • For a great revival among the communities that we serve at Sangita that we may be wise and able to standup for Christ in the midst of opposition,  and we stay faithful to the very end.





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Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

  • Praise:
    • To God for being faithful to me, my family, and my ministry. He has always met us at the point of need.
    • For my recent successful sports ministry trips to Botswana and Zambia. We traveled with volunteers and held sports seminars with churches, and we were also able to establish our YOLEDS sports school and recruit students for our upcoming program.
  • Prayers:
    • For our church building committee, who are raising funds for building our church building, and that they may be accountable to God.
    • For the recovery of our country’s economy. The economy is unstable, and basic living expenses and needs have significantly increased.
    • For God to provide laborers for the opportunities that are opening to share the gospel using the component of sports. We need men and women who can sacrifice their time, as well as funds to share the gospel to the lost world.
    • For our ministry sports school, as we prepare to open the new semester on October 1, 2017, and for God’s providence of the required materials.

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 Jay and Karen—New Missions Systems International/The Crossing Missions (Asia)

  • Praise:
    • For a safe, smooth, and effortless trip home from Asia.
    • For the wonderful friends, colleagues, and people that we met during our years in Asia.
    • That our work is continuing through Jay’s teammates and Karen’s colleagues from the International Church. Praise God for these lovely native and foreign workers that have caught the baton we’ve passed on to them!
    • That Elisa, our former house help, is reading and sharing stories from our holy books, and continues to be mentored by two women from the Disciple Making Movement.
  • Prayer:
    • For both of us as we minister in Ukraine in September with Karen’s sister Renée, who has ministered there for many years. Jay will be sharing about our time in Asia and the Muslim world, encouraging the church there.
    • For wisdom as we speak at churches every Sunday in late September and October. We look forward to sharing our stories with you, and meeting you at some mid-week events we have planned.

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Kennedy Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

  • Praise:
    • For the peaceful elections that were conducted in August. Thanks to all of you who prayed for us. We trust that we will continue enjoying peace despite of some few political upheavals.
    • For the healing of my wife Emily, who had been unwell for sometime.
    • For the growing number of youth and kids who are committing themselves to the Lord as we reach out to them through sports.
  • Prayers
    • For more committed sports ministry workers to enable our work to be more effective.
    • For the success of our October sports ministry workers’ national conference.
    • For good health as we serve Him.



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Paul MosesIndia Sports Ministry (India)

  • Praise:
    • For the incredible success of our Trainer or Trainers session, July 7-8. There are times when you come out of a meeting or training and you feel that it was “God ordained.” This Trainer of Trainers session, for 50 key leaders from all across India, was surely one of those meetings where we could feel the sense of God throughout the whole two-day session. The wonderfully gifted leaders had a great spirit, a great commitment to the vision, and great plans—and the session was a time for great fellowship with the India Team.
    • For the wonderfully blessed time in the session with training schedule goals, timelines, trainers assigned for all the trainings, and clear direction for the next four years.
  • Prayer:
    • For attainment of our goals in the next few years. As many of you know, we in India are pushing hard to multiply sports ministry teams in all the 683 districts in 32 states of India by the year 2020.




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Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

  • Praise:
    • For the improvement in Umaru’s eye. After two operations, the bleeding in Umaru’s eye has stopped and he is beginning to see again. Also with injections of insulin, his sugar count has come under control. Give thanks! Pray for continued health and wisdom for him and for all the IMANI leaders.
    • For another opportunity that God has opened up for IMANI. A younger learned Muslim scholar and leader named Rusina challenged IMANI church leaders to debate.  As the IMANI leaders gave their testimonies and answered questions, Rusina and others saw “fire” coming out of their mouths and knew the wisdom with which they spoke came from God.  Thank God for making us co-workers with Him in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
    • For expert medical care and miraculous healing in a short time. During this last month, Neza experienced a stroke that left her completely paralyzed for a while. Thank God for a federal medical center not far from the housing complex where she started up her ministry with Boko Haram widows and orphans. She is getting ongoing therapy there. Pray for full restoration of her health and ongoing blessing on this strategic ministry.
  • Prayer:
    • For Rusina, a learned Muslim seeker and others with him. Rusina has been very influential on social media with many videos on his website. Now he and others with him are actively studying the Bible to learn how to follow the Way of Jesus. Pray that as IMANI leaders train them, their eyes may be increasingly opened and they may be turned from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Christ. (Acts 26:18)
    • For the continued success of Sitana’s rice farm. With strategic planning and a lot of help from the government, Sitana’s rice farm employed 38 new Christians. Last year, harvests from this farm helped to feed refugees and to fund outreach and discipleship of many who have decided to follow Jesus along with Sitana. Give thanks and pray that God may protect and prosper this work to build up a strong, living church in one of the Muslim Gateway Cities of the world. (In October, 1995, the AD 2000 Movement mobilized some 36 million Christians to pray for 100 influential unreached cities in the world, this city included.)
    • For wisdom and skill as, together with LEMA (Leadership Education Mission for Africa), Ruth is preparing videos for online courses to be taken specifically by African church leaders. These are the same courses she taught on site in March of this year.
    • For a successful, refreshing visit for Ruth to several partnering churches, including Lincoln Hills. We will share how God is inviting us to co-work with Him in the spread of the Kingdom of God in Muslim nations.

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Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

  • Praise:
    • For Dawn’s recent time of ministry in France at the Greater Europe Mission Family Camp, Camp De Cimes. Dawn volunteered for two weeks in the kitchen serving over 100 Kingdom workers who had come for a time of refreshment and spiritual renewal. Dawn really enjoys her time at the camp and will likely go again, perhaps next spring.
    • For our new office space for our team here in Germany! Typically, we had each worked out of our homes. Now we have a place to keep hours together to pray, work on group and individual projects we have as well as encourage and lift one another up. The space has an office, a storage space and also a large room for rehearsing and recording where we work on programming for evangelistic campaigns.
    • For His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ who without Him, we would be living a wasted, purposeless life here on earth. May God be glorified in all we do and my Jesus be magnified!
  • Prayer:
    • For our time at a Missions Conference in The Balkans, September 20-24 in Struga, Macedonia. This will be a time of re-connection with pastors and church planters in several Balkan countries as well as a time of making new connections with potential new partners. Dawn and Steve will attend while Bianca and Sofia stay behind with their studies at The Black Forest Academy.
    • For a new opportunity that has developed with an NAB missions partner based in Budapest, Hungary. This partner is passionate about reaching the Roma Gypsy people in several Balkan countries. We look forward to bringing our toolbox to bear to equip Roma Christians to reach their communities for God’s glory. We will potentially go on a fact-finding trip to Hungary in the middle of October.
    • For Bianca and Sofia as they begin their studies at Black Forest Academy. Bianca is a junior and Sofia is a sophomore this year. They love BFA and are looking forward to the school year. We thank God that they have such a wonderful Christian school where they are fed spiritually in addition to their academic pursuits.
    • For our German Residence Visa Applications. We submitted all the paperwork this week and are asking God for His favor in this process. Historically we have not had problems with obtaining a Visa. However, with the large influx of refugees in this area, the rules and requirements have changed to some degree. We have expectant faith that God will provide for us.

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Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)

  • Praise:
    • For the work the Lord is doing in our students’ lives and in their families.
    • For the renovations made at our Thrift Store and that the Grand Re-Opening of the store was blessed of the Lord.
  • Prayer:
    • For the preparations and God’s anointing on our Banquets this Fall.
    • For our new Executive Director, Rev. Cameron J. English, Jr. as he leads this ministry starting September 1st.



 Thamsing and Ring Dilbung—Church Sports International/Sports Resource Center (East India)

  • Praise:
    • For the success of our Vacation Bible Schools (VBS). We had organized two VBS in Dimapur, one in Thelouzoma, and another at Iralibill in Dimapur during the children’s summer break. We could minister to about 180 kids in two different locations. It was a great experience to have time with children to train them for God.
    • For the success of our three-day youth sports camp at Chumukidima, with 85 youths registered from various Baptist churches. About 50 youths renewed their life to Christ. Praise Jesus.
    • For the success of a three-day “Ready Set Go” training in Assam Nagoan district, with 23 young adults (mostly 17-25 years old) as the first sports ministry program in their district. It was very slow and steady program because only two were youth leaders and others new believers. It ended well in spite of a slow initial response. We hope to have another vision casting program in the surrounding churches very soon.
    • For blessed time at a one-day church leadership workshop given at Chandel church in Thahekhu, with 21 church leaders mostly from the Chandel Manipur people residing in Dimapur. 
  • Prayer:
    • For the success of the upcoming three-day sports camp in Changtongya Mokokchung in September.
    • For a time of spiritual renewal, wisdom, and guidance as our church leaders participate in a one-day retreat program in Manipur.
    • For the success of our Nagaland-based football (soccer) team at the Agape National Football Championship in Goa during the first week of September. Our team will be participating through Nagaland Sports Coalition.
    • That the Bible schools in the area will start an introduction to Sports Ministry in partnership with Discipleship Bible College in Dimapur. Pray that they implement the classes in time for the school year,.