Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests: April 2018

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Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

      • Praise:
      • For the message we received from our leaders at our annual International Council meeting March 9-16in Seattle, WA. We had 15 different nationalities represented around the table. It is a blessing to serve our leaders who shepherd 270 missionaries in 30 countries around the world through ACTION.
      • For the privilege to invest in the lives of orphans, many of whom are now young adults, getting married and starting families of their own!
      • For the recent baptismsof 12 individuals at Shalom Phnom Penh.
      • For the 37 Shalom Mission Cambodia Churches who have made it their goal to each plant two churches in the next three years.
      • Prayer:
        That God would raise up and send out workers for the Harvest, especially in hard places around the world (Matthew 9:38).
      • For the translation team as they finish up the Jesus Storybook Bible project.
      • For Kamryn as she prepares to graduate from HS in May. She plans to enroll at The Master’s University in the fall.
      • For Tyler and Katie Van Halteren along with Ryan and Rebekah Quey.  Both of these young families are preparing to join Action Cambodia long term. The Queys plan to arrive in August with the Van Halterens arriving in January,

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  • Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)
      • Praise:
      • That God is continuing to bring legislators to our weekly bipartisan Bible Studies inside the Capitol.
      • That an influential lobbyist and a chief of staff recently came to Christ and I am discipling them.
      • That the current sexual harassment scandal in our California State Capitol has opened the door for me to share the Lord with many leaders.
      • Prayers:
      • For more open doors and hearts to share about Christ and teach His word in the Capitol.
      • For weekly meeting rooms to be provided inside the Capitol for the weekly Staff & Lobbyists Bible Studies I teach.
      • For increased attendance at the weekly Sunday morning church gathering He has led me to start inside the Capitol.
      • For God’s provision as I reinvent and restart the historic annual California Prayer Breakfast as an outreach to the Capitol.





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  • Grace Moses—Sangita Charitable Trust (India)
    • Praise:
    • That we have been able to expand our program to include elderly men who also struggle with no food or shelter. The initial expansion will include about 75 men. This will bring honor and glory to His name!
    • Prayer:
    • That God will be our provider as the season of “back to school” is one of the most expensive times at Sangita. 
    • As we seek His guidance and wisdom waiting upon the Lord to find a husband for our daughter Shiny, who is a great believer and lover of Jesus. We hope to get her married in December, if God wills, with a man after His own heart. 
    • For safety and protection as we take a short vacation after many years of constant work.
    • For our youngest daughter, Sarah, who is writing her 10th grade exams, to get good grades, and be led to the course that He wills for her.
    • For health and strength for us as we shoulder many responsibilities and give leadership to two major ministries.
    • That we will stay faithful to His calling in our lives and do the things that God alone would want us to do. 




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Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

  • Praise:
  • For God’s faithfulness to us as a family, and meeting us at our point of need.
  • For the opportunities that He is opening for our sports ministry to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • For good weather this year.
  • Prayers:
  • For the success of the upcoming meeting at African Bible College, as I am establishing a sports ministry there.
  • For God’s provision of funds as we prepare for graduation for the 35 students who have completed their sports ministry leadership course.
  • For the successful launch of our sports ministry school program this year.
  • For the success of our church building fundraising program. 
  • For God’s supply of funds to purchase sports ministry resources.


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Jay and Karen—New Mission Systems International (Transition)

  • Praise:
  • That many people in our former region are seeking and finding a place in the Kingdom of God! Although we miss our old region, it’s wonderful to hear that His work is still going strong.
  • That we continue to get opportunities to lift up His name here in America. Daily we are spreading news of God’s work around the globe.
  • For our wonderful relationship with New Mission Systems International. They have been wonderful through and through. We continue to receive our financial support through them for our salary and benefits as we slowly transition.
  • Prayer:
  • For encouragement and direction as we are only at 45% of full monthly funding. Currently, we are at a support training to increase our effectiveness in meeting the financial goals before us. Much of this past month has been spent preparing for this workshop. The training and commitment to be fully-funded is small, yet significant, compared to the joy and fruitfulness of being a part of many new churches being planted around the world through DCPI.
  • For Dynamic Church Planting International to reach its 2018 goals. Last year, they trained over 40,000 leaders around the globe; this year, their goal is to train 50,000 leaders.
  • For God’s protection, healing, wholeness of mind, body, soul and strength for our immediate and extended family. This is spiritual warfare that we may stand strong in Him


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Kennedy Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

      • Praise:
      • For the healing process of our nation of Kenya after a long time of negative politics and violence.
      • For a very successful camp in northern part of Kenya where we reached out to the youths and kids in that area.
      • That God has provided us with an electrical ball-making machine that will be used for our ministry.
      • Prayers
      • For our April mission camp that will start next week. We are targeting over 300 youths and kids with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.
      • For the move of God in what we have planned this year. Our Desire is to see lives changed and transformed for the glory of God.

      For funds to kickstart the new ball-making project: we want to produce a thousand balls with the new machine.


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  • Lincoln Christian Academy (formerly Community Christian School), Lincoln, CA (USA)

      • Praise:
      • That we received an offer to buy our preschool building and have signed the paperwork to finalize the purchase!
      • That all staff members are returning for the 2018-2019 school year to welcome our growing number of students!
      • Prayers: 
      • For assistance in finding two to three new Board members who the Lord is calling to help further Christian education in our community. Our professional needs include those with experience in marketing, financial planning, eduation and law. We are now taking nominations!
      • For God’s guiding hand as the timeline is very tight to complete the upgrade of the fire panel and the possible addition of more fire sprinklers.
      • For a smooth process as we transfer our preschool licensing to our new location.

  • Michael and Irina —Slavic Gospel Association (Eastern Europe)
        • Praise:
        • That we have all our necessary documents for moving.
        • That God has been beautifully orchestrating all of the events in our move.
        • That God has given us peace, despite many changes and uncertainties in our lives.
        • Prayer:
        • For strength and wisdom as we are in our final week of packing and shipping.
        • For safety and guidance as we take our cross-country trip in May to say goodbye to many of our friends and family in other states.
        • For God’s leadership and wisdom when we finally arrive on May 30th!


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  •  Paul MosesIndia Sports Ministry (India)
  • Praise:
    • For the opportunity to share that our story will never be over when we trust in the Lord Jesus Christ knowing that he died on the cross for us, redeemed us by his precious blood and rose again the third day.
  • Prayer:
    • As we seek the Lord’s guidance and wisdom to find a husband for our daughter Shiny. 
    • For our youngest daughter, Sarah, who is writing her 10th grade exams, to perform well.
    • For safety and protection as we take a short vacation after many years of constant work.
    • For health and strength for us as we lead two major ministries.
    • That we will stay faithful to His calling in our lives and do the things that God alone would want us to do. 




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Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

  • Praise:
    • For provisions for Rusina to start his seminars planned for proclaiming the Gospel to those 18 different social groups in that Gateway City of 3,500,000 people.  The first seminar was for Muslim religious clerics. Give thanks that 73 showed up from different branches of Islam and some have already shown interest in following Jesus.
    • For the beginning of the fulfillment of Neza’s vision for a “permanent site” for the New Hope Training Center for orphans and widows. A plot of land has been donated and plans for construction are being drawn up. Pray for God to expedite and provide for each step of the registration and construction process.
    • That a federal appeal court ordered an investigative tour to collect evidence of the development work that Akiza did in the northeast after he became a Christian and before he was arrested and detained. Pray that God will continue to showcase the work of the Holy Spirit for transformation in the life of Akiza and others drawn to Jesus through his witness and ministry.
  • Prayer:
    • For many to come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through Rusina’s seminars. Pray that God will bring many Muslim men and women from different social groups and change and empower them to become witnesses for Jesus.
    • For a leading Muslim from Senegal who came to debate the Christians there and ended up being convicted of the superior qualifications of Jesus in the Qur’an, let alone in the Bible. Sheik Hasse has thousands of followers in West Africa. Pray that God will use his testimony to help many West African Muslims come into the Kingdom of Jesus, the Savior of the world and the Lord of lords.
    • For Ruth as she prepares lessons for online teaching with the Christian Leaders Institute.



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Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

      • Praise:
      • For new passports! Dawn and Steve traveled to Bern, Switzerland to apply for Passport renewal. We received them back in only one week!
      • For sunny and warmer weather here in Germany. This year was very tough on us with six months of grey and cold. Thank you Lord for the changing seasons!
      • For continued opportunities to minister and witness to refugees here in this area. God is opening more doors for us as a team and expanding ministry here in and around Germany.
      • For His on-going provision of prayer partners and supporters! We are so grateful for God’s provision through His people.
      • Prayer:
      • For our family as Dawn and I travel to attend Proclaim “International Council” meetings from May 2-7. Bianca and Sofia will remain at home during this time. Pray for God’s clear leading and wisdom during these meetings.
      • For Steve as he travels to Hungary, May 28-31, for an advance trip to work with partners and arrange logistics for our evangelistic ministry camping in August.
      • For a quick trip to Hamburg, Germany June 1 and 2 as Steve serves with our local German church G5 at a conference there.
      • For a special project in Spain, June 3-9, where Proclaim will partner with another ministry in preparing evangelistic programming for use in Europe. Steve will go and serve with a team from Proclaim Germany.
      • For safety and guidance during a very busy season of travel for Steve. Pray specifically for teams Steve is leading to Hungary and Albania this summer and fall. Pray for many souls to come to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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  • Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)
      • Praise:
      • For our faithful volunteers and prayer partners.
      • For the success of our Bowling Tournaments and for all those who showed up to share fellowship and support the ministry.
      • Prayers: 
      • For the Lord’s anointing on our May 5th Graduation Service and for our 10 graduates.
      • For the Lord’s blessing on our Golf Tournaments in June.



Thamsing and Ring Dilbung—Church Sports International/Sports Resource Center (East India)

      • Praise:
      • For the success of the Nagaland Theological Association sports week. It was organized in Dimapur, in collaboration with sports resource centre. All together, 17 Bible Schools attended the sports week program. Everyday was a privilege to share and teach about the sports ministry. All the participants are well informed about the Church Sports. Praise the Lord.
      • For the success of the Sports Ministry workshop, a two-day event in Tripura with 36 church leaders. The three subjects covered were sports ministry, vision casting and introduction, and how to start a sports ministry in the local church.
      • For the success for a three-days Sports Camp in Senapati in Manipur April 12-15. About 45 youth leaders attended the camp. God’s Spirit was leading the camp from day one till the end.
      • For the success of a buffet that my wife Ring and her women’s group organized through selling tickets. It was on 5th April in Dimapur, and approximately 200 people attended. This raised funds for their team mission trips to Myanmar. Great response!
      • Prayer:
      • For the success of the introduction/vision casting and workshop on church sports in four locations in two different states in Northeast India.
      • For the success of our Church Leadership seminar in Manipur in May at Manipur Baptist Convention.