Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests: March 2018



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Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

    • Praise:
    • For ongoing fruitful ministry here in Cambodia. Because of your faithful prayers and support, we are able to celebrate 15 years on the field.  
    • For the ongoing work of ACTIONworldwide, we have 275 missionaries serving in 30 countries. What a privilege to take the Gospel to hard places! 
    • Prayer:
    • For wisdom and discernment as Daren meets with the leadership team at our annual meeting this next month in Seattle, WA.
    • For Kamryn as she prayerfully considers university opportunities for next year and prepares to transition back to the West after she graduates from high school in May!
    • For Tyler and Katie Van Halteren along with Ryan and Rebekah Quey.  Both of these young families are preparing to join Action Cambodia long term. 

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  • Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)
    • Praise:
    • That God gives us peace as we seek Him.
    • That God has been providing the funding needed for this ministry for many years.
    • Prayers:
    • For open doors for outreach and discipleship for government leaders as the legislative session intensifies.
    • For continued access to Capitol meeting rooms to lead the weekly Staff & Lobbyists Bible Study.
    • That a Sunday morning Bible discussion gathering that I started inside the Capitol will grow into a new church, if that is God’s will.
    • For God to help me plan some big events at the Capitol.
    • That my two children, who are in college, will stay strong in the Lord and do well in their studies and work.





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  • Grace Moses—Sangita Charitable Trust (India)
    • Praise:
    • That we have been able to expand our widows’ roof program to include metal sheets for the walls, so that snakes and insects do not get into the widows’ small huts.
    • That we have been able to successfully educate the widows about the health effects of tobacco. Many of the widows chew tobacco to alleviate their hunger.
    • Prayer:
    • For health, strength, and wisdom as our responsibilities in serving our Lord are enormous.
    • For our daughter Shiny, that God will lead us to the right person as we look for a God-fearing husband for her. 
    • For our daughter Sarah, as she has her final exam. May God bless her with health and wisdom and help her to do well, as we do not find much time to be with her. 





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Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

    • Praise:
    • To God for His faithfulness to me, my family, the church, and the sports ministry.
    • For the continued success of our ministry programs.
    • For the committed church sports leaders we are training.
    • Prayers:
    • For God’s provision of funds as we are preparing to launch our sports ministry here in Malawi.
    • For successful meetings as we plan to open a sports ministry at ABC (African Bible College).
    • For God’s intervention in our country’s economy.
    • For God’s wisdom to guide our families and our church and sports ministry leaders.


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Jay and Karen—New Missions Systems International/The Crossing Missions (Transition)

    • Praise:
    • That Jay has been accepted by Dynamic Church Planters International (DCPI), located in Oceanside, California. He has been assigned the role of World Zone Representative in Asia and has become acquainted with the staff and has learned about their global ministry. DCPI is planting churches around the world and saw 40,000 church leaders trained in 2017—with a vision of 5 million new churches! It would be a great place to do his next 10 years of ministry! 
    • That God continues to provide for our basic needs as we seek this new ministry opportunity. We have been blessed by the generosity of so many during this transition. We thank God for you, our solid support base, who allows us to continue to work on our partnership development.
    • Prayer:
    • For wisdom, encouragement and direction as we seek God for the big dream of being fully funded by May 31. Nothing is impossible for God! We all know that it takes more money to live in the USA than it did for us to live and minister in Indonesia. Thank you for your prayers as we seek another $5,500 per month to cover our ministry and personal needs.
    • For much grace and patience as a couple while we follow this path God has for us. Let every part of our lives be pleasing to the Lord, starting with our love for God and each other. May these trials and challenges only make us stronger. 

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Kennedy Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

    • Praise:
    • To God for the peaceful elections in Kenya and prevailing tranquility.
    • For the provision of 3,000 discipleship materials, which we will use for the work of ministry.
    • For what the Lord is doing among the unreached groups through the coaches whom we have trained in Sports Ministry.
    • Prayers
    • For the success of the next school outreach meeting. We are targeting 300 youths to attend, and get them interested in participating in our Sports Ministry.

    For the successful training of 50 coaches, who will impact 50 teams (3,000 youths in total) over the next five months


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  • Lincoln Christian Academy (formerly Community Christian School), Lincoln, CA (USA)

    • Praise:
    • That we have an increase in interest, especially in our younger grades. We are projecting a full Kindergarten class this year as well as a full first-grade class. This is the first time in over 5 years this has been possible!
    • That Jimmy Thompson’s “Mustard Seed Playground Fundraising Project” has earned enough in donations to purchase the first piece of playground equipment: a structure for 5-12 year old children which he was able to negotiate down from $18,000 to $12,000.
    • Prayers: 
    • For guidance in finding two or three new Board members who the Lord is calling to help further Christian education in our community. Our professional needs include those with experience in marketing, financial planning, education, and law.
    • For wisdom as we consider the options (sell or lease) for our preschool building once our preschool has moved to our new site. 

  • Michael and Irina Tsvirinko—Slavic Gospel Association (Russia)Praise:
      • Praise:
      • That God answered our prayers—in January, our application for permanent stay in Russia was approved!
      • That Irina and I were able to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with a trip to London, and a visit to my parents’ in Moldova.
      • For successful completion of the re-immigration process with all the necessary documents.
      • For wisdom in packing and preparing our belongings for the move to Russia. 



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  •  Paul MosesIndia Sports Ministry (India)
  • Praise:
    • For the successful completion of the 25-day Level 2 sports ministry school for 35 leaders from 4 countries in South Asia and 12 states in India.
    • For the privilege to host two volleyball tournaments in the city of Chennai: one a Beach Volleyball tournament for 200 young players, and another an Inter-School Volleyball tournament for Schools in Chennai. In total, 750 kids participated! At both the tournaments we were able to share to Gospel and disciple some players.. 
  • Prayer:
    • For the upcoming training of 60 second line leaders of CSF.
    • For Sarah, our youngest daughter, who will be appearing for her 10th grade board exams. Pray that she will do well. 




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Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

  • Praise:
    • For provisions to pay the annual rentfor the New Hope Center for orphans and widows.  
    • For a young woman who felt led by God to give the $200 per month needed for Neza’s travel and therapy costs (a 260-mile trip for a monthly session to help her straighten up again and talk more clearly). 
    • That during his last court appearance, Akiza, the converted terrorist leader, apologized to the government for insurrection-type behavior in years past and pledged to be a law-abiding citizen. He also took out a cross to show the judges and everyone present. Although some people questioned the wisdom of that act, we can give thanks that he is identifying with the Lord Jesus!
  • Prayer:
    • For the truth to be revealed as Umaru’s old friend Imam Jonah visited from Dubai. Jonah is visiting family in Nigeria, and looked up Umaru. Before Jonah went back to Dubai, Umaru gave him Christian literature, and Jonah called Umaru to tell him that he had copied and distributed it to other former schoolmates. Pray that Jonah will see the truth.  
    • For God to reveal more and more truth to Rusina. Pray for patience and encouragement until it becomes financially possible to do those seminars, which Rusina has planned for proclaiming the Gospel to those 18 different social groups in that Gateway City of 3,500,000 people






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Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

    • Praise:
    • For a great Café outreach with Stami Church in Lörrach. We provided music at the church café, and we were free to share about Jesus and the beauty of the Gospel openly and clearly. 
    • For Kingdom-building opportunities for Bianca and Sofia. They will be on mission through their school Black Forest Academy for a week this spring. Bianca will be in Portugal working with children and third-culture kids. Sofia will be in Ethiopia working with children as well. 
    • For an upcoming ministry opportunity in Spain to partner with International Media Ministries.
    • For his calling on our lives and the amazing privilege it is to be on mission here in this region of the world.
    • Prayer:
    • For our team here in Germany as we prepare for an upcoming pastors’ conference leds by our partners Knut and Ursula Ofen with Kingsway Fellowship.
    • For the next event with Stami Church in Lörrach, where we take The Gospel to the street in a very busy shopping district in the city. We will have a small, mobile music team and people on hand to initiate conversations regarding issues of faith and make invitations to follow up events.
    • For the success of two evangelistic campaigns Steve will be leading and organizing this summer in Hungary and Albania. Pray that details and logistics to come together and that the local churches will benefit greatly.
    • For peace and comfort for Mary (Steve’s mom) and Marilyn (Dawn’s mom) as they each are dealing with chronic health issues.


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  • Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)
    • Praise:
    • For our students and their growth in the Lord.
    • That our thrift store is back open and doing well.
    • Prayers: 
    • For the health and well being of our students and staff members.
    • For the Lord’s blessing on our upcoming Bowling Tournaments.



Thamsing and Ring Dilbung—Church Sports International/Sports Resource Center (East India)

  • Praise:
  • That we celebrated the New Year with a presentation in Manipur Thamlakhuren Baptist church. We organized games and sports during the celebration.
  • For a successful Family Workshop, with Thamsing as speaker. 80 plus families attended!
  • For the success of January’s Ready Set Go sports ministry conference in Dimapur at Kingdom Sports Academy. 47 sports ministry leaders from Nagaland state attended the two-day event.
  • That Thamsing was the speaker at the 7th Triennial Fellowship of the Lamkang Naga Baptist Association at Chandel, the city that is the headquarter (similar to a county seat) of Manipur District. It was a very grand celebration, with more than 2,000 church members registered.
  • That Thamsing attended a conference in Bangalore called Marketplace Revolution 2018. Christian business people from all over India came together for first time to encourage Christian business people to reach non-believers for Christ. It was a great concept and a very relevant ministry for the 21st Century.
  • Prayer:
  • For the success of our upcoming one-day sports ministry workshop in Dimapur. Please pray for Thamsing as he speaks.
  • For safety in travel and success in purpose as Thamsing travels to two locations in Assam to have strategic vision meetings for the sports ministry.
  • For God’s anointing as Thamsing speaks on the topic of church sports at the upcoming Youth Festival in Diphu, a popular tourist town and the headquarter of the Karbi Anglong district in Assam.
  • For the success of the “Vision 2020”—our long-term goals for Sports Ministry in all districts of Northeast India!