On Sunday, September 10, we will be holding a “Ministry Faire.”  The purpose of this faire is to introduce you to the many different ministries going on at LHCC. As new friends and neighbors join in our community of faith, it is important that we make it easy to find places of ministry that fit them.  Following the service on September 10, tables and booths will be set up in the lobby and outside where you can stop by and ask questions, get involved, or just sample some finger foods that will be available.


How important is it to serve somewhere in Christ’s ministries?  Let’s put it this way—It is the message of angels.  Years ago, the famous preaching professor, Halford Luccock, noted that people often use the expression, “the voice of an angel.”  He got to wondering what an angel would sound like. After a little research, he discovered that an angel’s voice sounds remarkably like a person saying, “Hurry Up! Get Up!”  For instance, when the angel appeared to the imprisoned Peter (Acts 12:7), he said, “Quick, get up.”  When Gideon in the Old Testament was met by an angel, he heard the words, “Arise and go.  And when King Herod wanted to kill the babies in Bethlehem, the angel appeared to Joseph, saying, “Get up and take the child and his mother and escape.” Angels sing but they also shout, “Get Up! Get Going!”

The voice of the angels have not ceased writes Luccock:  “If we listen carefully and we will hear the voice of angels that ought to get us out of our easy chairs and comfortable beds. Arise, go quickly!  Serve in the name of Jesus.” As we enter into one of the busiest times of the year, let me challenge each of us to hear the voice of angels as they tell us, “Real faith is never a noun; it is a verb and you spell it, SERVICE.”               Pastor Mike