December! My favorite month of the year.  Of course, it is my birthday month, but December birthdays do tend to get lost in all the holiday rush.  Years ago, I threatened to move my birthday to June but there was a lot going on then—graduations, weddings, Father’s Day, etc.  April didn’t work either—Easter and April Fools….And only fools try to move their birthday.  The more I looked at everything the more I came to realize that every month has its events and significant days.  So I decided to do what Psalm 90:12 tells us to do and that is to “number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom.”  That wisdom is to rejoice in the Lord always, everyday—no matter what month or day—and not just on my birthday.  But back to December.  So much to rejoice in for it is this month that we remember God sent us his greatest birthday gift.  He sent his Son to make it possible for each of us to not only have a birthday, but to have a “rebirth day.”  And it doesn’t matter in what month, or year for that matter, that we celebrate the latter; it will be the birthday that promises us a celebration for an eternity of Christmases.  “Joy to the World”—that’s how Isaac Watts put in his Christmas carol. It doesn’t matter whether I am born in December, June, or January. Jesus Christ came forth, born of a virgin in the little town of Bethlehem, to one day die on a hill far away where stood an old rugged cross.   His birth is a day that can never be gobbled up by any holiday rush.                                                                                          Pastor Mike Bradaric