A few weeks ago our Elder team went apart for two days of praying and seeking to strategize for the future of LHCC.  Realizing that “apart from Jesus we can do nothing” (John 15:5), we have sought, with his guidance, to think through our present circumstances and plan for the future. We also acknowledge, in the words of Prov 29:18, “Without vision, the people perish.”  So let me share with you our vision.

It was our conclusion that while our church enjoys considerable spiritual health, yet we are falling short of reaching a largely unchurched and unsaved community around us.  It is a great divide that we are challenged to cross these days.  Church as the body of Christ and as the source of hope and redemption is viewed with cynicism and skepticism by an increasingly darkened society.

We are challenged to communicate the truth of the gospel without compromising the integrity of the gospel.  We must also communicate in language and ways that will connect with those who are being blinded by the god of this world (Satan) to the glory of God that is in Christ, (2 Cor 4:4).

So how can we reach the people, especially senior adults, with the message of Christ in a manner that will connect?  As we prayed and sought God’s will, we arrived at two strategems.

Our first decision is to bring onto our staff a Pastor of Connections who will focus on helping new and existing attenders to discover and develop friendships in our community of faith. A large part of a church’s health flows from healthy relationships within the body of Christ. 

Secondly, we believe it is time to develop a second service on Saturday nights using more contemporary styles of worship that will attract the unchurched. We would like to begin this new ministry late in September. How can we communicate the gospel in a manner that will capture the ears, the emotions, and the inner spirit of today’s culture? That will be our task. We also want to make greater use of music as a way of attracting unchurched senior adults. A Christian concert will not necessarily save a person but it may be the first step at allowing God’s light into a darkened soul.

As we seek to use creative means to reach unchurched senior adults, we will remain committed to the infallible scriptures as our source of truth and lifestyle. The preaching and the study of the God’s Word must remain central and vital. But we must also do all that we can to demonstrate and make available lifestyles that incarnate Christ to our community.

Jesus said that he would make us “fishers of men.” He did not say to wait for the fish to jump into the boat. Instead he said, “Go into the world and make disciples” (Matt 28:19). Brethren let us fish where the fish swim and let us bait our hooks with the love and life of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mike