MAY ~ JUNE 2016



If you are like me, you are at wits end over the state of our nation.  Faced with voter choices that, at best, require me to vote for the lesser of two evils, I ask myself, what has happened to a nation where we used to pledge ourselves as “one nation under God.”  Why has our nation sunk so low?  The British Atheist Philosopher, Bertrand Russell, once wrote, Christians would rather die than think.  While I would not agree with his view of right thinking, I regretfully agree with his sentiment.  Christians have allowed our times to become an age of secularism because we have refused to study, think, and articulate correctly God’s truth in the public arena.

So let me tell you what you can do this summer that will help you begin to think biblically as followers of Christ and not the latest polls.  Beginning Wednesday, June 8, I will begin teaching a seminar entitled The Truth Project.  Developed by Focus on the Family, this dynamic study aims at helping Christians think from a biblical worldview.  What is truth?  On what do we base our belief system?  Is it the politically correct version of truth or is it the biblically correct version?  Is it the latest secular poll or is it where God cast his vote at Sinai and at Calvary?  Among the topics this seminar will cover are:

Philosophy and Ethics:  Says Who?

Anthropology:  Who is Man?

Theology:  Who is God?

Science:  What is True?

History:  Whose Story?

The State:  Whose Law—God’s or Man’s?

For those who who want to better understand their Bible I am also teaching a short but very vital class, entitled How to Know Your Bible.  I will offer this class beginning Sunday morning, July 3. The one hour class begins at 11:30, after the morning worship hour.   We will use a short easy to read book entitled, Knowing the Bible 101. The seminar will give a brief survey of the entire Bible and will last for five Sundays covering the Bible like a five act drama.  The seminar topics are the following.

  • Prologue: Where It All Began
  • Acts One: When the Human Race Got Lost
  • Acts Two: The Road Back Begins with the Jews
  • Acts Three: The Road Gets Bumpy on the Way to Jerusalem
  • Acts Four: The Hope of the World is Israel’s Messiah (Jesus)
  • Acts Five: The Message of Hope Spreads Into the World
  • Epilogue: Where It All Ends Up

Let us know that you will be coming so we can order a book for you.  Let’s make it our goal this summer to prove the Bertrand Russells of the world wrong by learning to think biblically and truthfully.

Pastor Mike