Second Chair

January 2021

Associate Pastor Jody

From The Second Chair
More than twenty years ago, I accepted my first position as a Pastor. Never having been a Pastor before, I had to look back at the men of my past to determine how to be a Pastor.
The first thing that stood out to me was that these men were prayers! They prayed in Sunday School, before Bible Study, and during the worship service. I watched these men come to my home, pray at the kitchen table with my father, go to the hospital, and pray with my mother.
Having remembered all they did, I determined to make my ministry one of prayer as I imitated these great men. So, I prayed with the members of my congregation in their hospital rooms and their jail cells. I prayed at the birth of their grandchild and the death of their parents. I prayed in their cars sitting in the driveway, we prayed over the phone, and I held their hands as we cried to the Lord together. And in all these prayers, the Lord was gracious to me and let me know that my ministry was one that was based on prayer. I knew that I had indeed made it as a Pastor because I became what I had seen in other great men, I was a prayer.
But, over the last three weeks, God has shown me something new. The ministry of prayer is not just for Pastors; prayer is the ministry of the entire church. During the past few weeks, I have felt your prayers for my family and me. When I was too weak to pray, I knew that you were praying for us. When I was hardly able to come to the foot of the cross, I knew that you were already there. When I felt bad that I could not give a voice to my most precious requests, I knew that you were speaking to God on my family’s behalf.
If I were to say, “Thank You” 1,000 times for keeping us in your prayers, it would not be enough.
Prayer is the ministry for the entire church.
That is what I think anyway.
God Bless You Always.
Jody <><